We maintain many types of lighting, but specialize in the great outdoors!  While our strongest expertise is in exterior structure and landscape lighting, we can also assist with many other types of lighting.  Tired of dealing with burnt out bulbs and dirty light fixtures?  Let us do the work and your place will never look better!

Our Low Voltage Lighting Maintenance includes the following services:

• Perform a full inspection of all landscape lighting 1 (one) or 2 (two) times per year (spring and/or fall).
• Perform maintenance on all transformers ensuring terminal blocks are tight and are working properly.
• Timer/photocell: Perform on/off check of both systems. Check timer settings and replace timer batteries if needed (at cost of batteries).
• Cleaning fixtures (which includes chemically cleaning cloudy lenses on accent lights).
• Remove debris (spider webs, wasps, hornets, dirt, etc.) from all lights and transformers.
• Changing burned out bulbs at cost of new bulbs. LED retrofit bulbs will be used wherever possible unless otherwise requested.
• Trim vegetation from around fixtures as needed.
• Adjust crooked and improperly aimed fixtures as needed.
• Replace fixture sockets if needed on a time and materials basis (if fixture is out of warranty).