Our lighting installation process is a work of art!  First off, we hand trench for all of our underground wire to be buried.  You'll be impressed when you return home and can't tell where we installed lighting wire.  Hand trenching does not disrupt the grass like a "trencher" would.  This also helps from tearing through possible dog wire fence, irrigation, etc.  With us not rushing through your lawn, you can enjoy professional lighting the night we are done without worring about lawn repairs and a big mess.  We also never trench through the middle of your landscape beds.  That's just asking for trouble! We trench along the foundation approx. 6" deep and only stray away from the foundation when we are hooking up lighting fixtures.

Seeing a lighting fixture leaning or knocked over on the ground is an eyesore that sticks out!  That's why for any path and spread lighting fixtures, we opt for using the much sturdier 14" polymeric stake and use a level for straightness on every path fixture installed.  It's these "little things" that will always make 1B Specialty Lighting stand out from the rest.

Would you use an electrician to install your plumbing?  Than why use an irrigation company or landscaper to install your lighting?  We have the background and knowledge required to ensure the lighting project is done right, the first time.  Many companies offer lighting services as an "add on".  Be sure to ask for references, photos, and research the company.  Landscape lighting and related lighting projects are all that we do, and we are committed to being the best at it in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.  Let us show you the difference!  Some of our lighting specialites include:

  • Landscape lighting LED low voltage system designs and installations
  • Retrofitting of LED to existing lighting systems (indoor or outdoor)
  • Smart Timer installations for outdoor fixtures to turn on/off automatically
  • Coach Light /Post Light / Can Light  - LED fixture upgrades
  • Working with your landscaper or builder for lighting designs
  • Lake Lighting projects - including quality solar LED solutions for docks/decks
  • Energy Assessments - where are you wasting electricity?