Ask yourself a few questions...

What do you want in your lighting: safety, security, beauty?
How old is your lighting system?  Are you aware of how much it is costing to operate with high wattage bulbs that burn out and rising electricity costs?

Are your outdoor lighting fixtures falling apart?  Maybe they are in great shape and just need LED retrofits?

Are you buiding a home or business and want LED energy efficient lighting?

Do you know what color temperature is and how it will change the looks of what you are lighting?

Ok, we'll stop!  There can be a lot of questions when you are getting into lighting, especially in today's world.  LED has changed everything you thought you knew about a simple light bulb.  That's where we come in.  When you want to make an investment in your home or business, whether it's upgrading existing lighting or the installation of lighting, planning is very important.  LED lasts many, many years so doing it right the first time means all the difference.

Our lighting designs are customized to each individual's needs to enhance, compliment, and put the light where it is supposed to go.  We meet with a potential client on their schedule, often in the evening, to show examples of just what our lighting could do for you.